Introduction: Handled Handles

These two malleable handles have been created to heighten the user's awareness of the division of spaces which doors create. The handles have been designed with the context of the space in mind, being formed regarding the environment that they're leading into. Both handles have been formed from malleable materials as to allow the user to have a direct, impactful impression on the handle, personally changing the model's form with every interaction.

The front door Hand Handle is designed to provide user's with a welcoming handshake as they enter the home.

The Toothbrush Handle is created for the bathroom to provide the user with a playfully tactile experience when entering an, otherwise, function based space.


  • wire
  • aluminium foil
  • toothbrush head

Step 1: Create the Base Form


The hand is firstly formed using a water filled glove which is then frozen. Once the glove is completely frozen, the palm of the hand is wrapped in wire. Firstly horizontally then through the fingers and up the thumb.


The toothbrush shape is formed using plier twisted and bent wire. A toothbrush head is then broken off with the top brush section being wound into the body of the handle.

Step 2: Wrapping the Form

The ice hand is then entirely wrapped in wire, looping up and down the fingers and then around the base again to ensure the extended weight of the hand is held by the base of the handle.


The base of the toothbrush is then wrapped in used aluminium foil and tightened around the wire frame.

Step 3: Finishing the Form


The hand handle is left to melt, with the plastic glove being burst and removed once the ice hand has completely melted.


The top of the toothbrush handle is wrapped in aluminium foil with wire being wrapped around the bottom of the toothbrush head to securely attach it to the handle.

Step 4: Attaching the Base


The wire hand was then securely wrapped onto the base bolt to ensure that the hand would twist and function as a door handle.


The toothbrush handle uses the wire form to wrap around the base bolt, the aluminium foil is too wrapped and tightened around the base nut.