Introduction: Handmade Birthday Card

Wish a nice lady on her birthday with a simple and elegant handmade birthday card.

Though this seems quite complex, it is very easy to make on your own.

You just need a few simple things as follows;

  1. A4 size boards (White, Pink and brown colors)
  2. A pink color paper (With a simple texture)
  3. A shape of a shoe drawn on a tissue paper
  4. Paper punctures with flower shapes
  5. Punched paper flowers from several shades of pink
  6. sequins of several shapes from shades of pink and white

Now, let's make the card!! :D

Step 1: Making the Shoe

Take the white color board and draw the shape of the shoe(only the upper part) on that. Cut it out and stick it on the back side of the pink color paper with a texture. Cut the same shape from the pink color paper too. Smoothen the edges using your fingertips. If you can find a nice looking pink color board with a simple texture, rather than a paper, then you don't have to cut the shape out of the white colored board.

Now, take the brown colored board and cut the whole shape of the shoe (both upper and lower parts together). I didn't cut only the lower part since it looks embossed when the upper part is glued on top of the heel.

Finally, glue the pink color part on top of the brown color part as shown in the image.

The basic part of your shoe is done now... :D

Step 2: Making the Card

Now, take the A4 size pink color board (I have used a glitter board here. AKA Ice Board) and fold it from the middle as shown.

Then, take the white color board and cut a piece a little smaller than the front page of the pink color board and glue it on the front. (image 1)

Next, glue the previously created shoe on the white space (Image 2)

Finally, Decorate the shoe using paper flowers, sequins, and a small ribbon bow.

Step 3: Finalizing the Card

Finally, write "Happy Birthday" on top of the card along with a simple quote. In here I used 2 clear stamps except writing them. And you can mention which birthday it is in a small circle as shown in the figure.

That's all and you're ready to wish a young lady a Happy Birthday!!!

Make your own card and let me know how it went...


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