Introduction: "LOVE" Wreath <3

Are you planning to gift something different to your loved one on this valentine, but can't think of what to give??? Then this instructable will be beneficial for you to surprise your loved one on this special day...

I've been making many handmade crafts from a long time and started my own small business "Craft Corridor - Craftman's Entryway". I started with making cards and then made many different crafts.

When I was thinking of what to gift a loved one on valentine's day, I thought "Why it should always be something to keep inside a drawer? Why shouldn't it be something he/she can see every day and night?" Hence, I got the idea to make a wreath that can be hung on a wall or a door, just like we decorate our house for Christmas. I'm sure your beloved will love this gift and love you more and more each and every time he/she sees this wreath filled with your love... <3

Let's get started by collecting the items needed to make the "LOVE" wreath!

Step 1: Things You Need

You'll be needing the following things to make the wreath.

  1. White furry fabric
  2. Cotton balls (Padding can also be used)
  3. Red color glitter foam sheet
  4. Red and green color satin fabric
  5. Red color cotton ribbon
  6. A pair of scissors
  7. Hot glue gun
  8. Binder glue
  9. A needle
  10. Red and white threads

Step 2: Making the Ring

First take the Furry white fabric and cut a rectangular piece of the desired length (this decides the diameter of the ring) and the desired width (this decides the diameter of the tube). For the measurements I have taken, please refer the diagram.

Then fold the rectangular shape fabric from the middle line where the furry side is faced inside and sew along the length on the seam allowance. Then take a large pin and turn the right side of the cloth. You will get a piece as shown in the image 2.

Now, take the cotton balls and loosen them to be softer. (you can use a soft padding material too) Then fill the stitched fabric with these cotton balls until it becomes a tube.

Then, start to curve it while rubbing gently to make a ring shape. Take the white thread with the needle and sew the ends of the tube together without harming the shape. Unfortunately, I don't have an image of the ring shape before making the wreath.

Okay! Now your furry white ring is all done... Yayy!!!

Step 3: Making the Red Rose and Leaves

Now it's time to make your own Red Rose :D

I have made a similar Rose flower and Rose leaves from satin fabric for another craft. So please do follow the second and third steps of the instructable "Decorate your wall with an elegant wreath".

Make sure you make a RED color one for this wreath. Otherwise, it won't get highlighted!

Step 4: Making the Letters

It's time to cut out the letters "LOVE" from the glitter foam sheet. I have added the stencil of the letters I have used for my wreath. You can copy it to a paper. Cut the letters from a paper first and glue it to the back of the glitter foam sheet. Make sure after gluing you see the mirror image of the letters on the back of the foam. And don't apply too much glue because we're removing the paper letters later.

Let the glue dry for a while. Then take the scissor and cut the letters out from the foam. You can use a paper knife to cut the tiny edges smoothly. After that, remove the paper from the foam.

Now you're almost there to complete your wreath... Wow! So exciting.. :D

Step 5: Decorate the Wreath With Your LOVE

Now gather all the things you made so far.

First take the Furry ring and glue the flower right on top of the joint. If you thought of placing the ribbon over the joint to hang from there, don't do so. because, if you hang the wreath from the joint, it'll change its shape to an oval eventually. Hence, the best option to hide the joint is to place the flower on top of it. Use hot glue to attach the flower to the wreath. Then stick some leaves around the flower using hot glue.

Then glue the letters onto the wreath using binding glue. Do not use hot glue for this as the foam may melt at some places.

Finally, take a piece of red color ribbon (I have used a piece with 30" of length) and wrap it once around the perimeter of the wreath at one place and tie it having a bow at the ends leaving a small hook above it. Now let the bow lie at the top and gently rub the ribbon once from top to bottom. Then attach a pin to the ribbon and wreath so the ribbon won't change its position. Take a needle and a red color thread and put a few stitches to the ribbon to keep it attached to the wreath permanently. Make sure you apply stitches only from bottom most point and a few centimeters upwards at the back. Moreover, try to make the stitches invisible as much as possible.

Make the furry fabric look more fluffy by rubbing the fur coat of the wreath with your fingertips. Then the letters will look like they are peeping through the fur coat.

Now your Wreath is ready!!! Gift it to your beloved on Valentine's day and surprise him/her!

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