Introduction: A Plate "With Love"

I once made a HAPPY BIRTHDAY plate to gift a friend of mine. I got the idea when I saw a small white plate at home and I always wanted to do something different. This time I thought, "Why not gifting a plate filled with LOVE for someone you love?" Hence, I made that "different" thing to gift on this valentine's day...

This instructable I'm sharing with you was made by me as a product for my own craft business: "Craft Corridor - Craftman's Entryway".

Hope you will enjoy this instructable and make your own plate to surprise your partner on this Valentine...

Let's get started!!!

Step 1: Things You Need

You will be needing the following things to make this plate filled with love...

  1. A porcelain plate (a little larger than a side plate)
  2. Red and Green satin fabric
  3. Red color glitter foam sheet
  4. A small heart shaped puncture
  5. A paper DIY cut saying "With Love"
  6. Binding glue
  7. A plastic stand

Step 2: Making the Rose Flower and Leaves

We need 3 red roses for this plate from 3 different sizes and I have used 11 rose leaves also from 3 different sizes.

I have shown how to make a rose flower and rose leaves from satin fabric in another instructable post I have published. Please follow the second and third steps of that instructable to make this: "Decorate your wall with an elegant wreath". Make sure you are making a RED colored rose for this one.

You can always buy such flowers from the market. But, making this on your own adds more value to your gift...

Step 3: Cutting the Heart Shapes

You can buy these hearts from any craft store if you don't have a puncture and also you can cut these using a small blade or even a pair of scissors. Since I already have a puncture that is capable of punching foam, I cut 5 small hearts from the Red color glitter foam sheet.

The size of the heart shape I have used is around 1.5x1.5 cm. It may vary according to the size of the plate you select.

The reason I have used Hearts for this plate is to make it look filled.

Step 4: Gluing Flowers and Leaves

First take the plate and wipe it to remove dust and other stains.

Then take the largest flower and glue it on the edge of the deep part of the plate. Don't let the flower go beyond the edge of the plate. I have used some pieces of a styrofoam sheet to adjust the height of the flower. Using such pieces was a good support to attach the leaves later.

After gluing the largest flower, glue the other two flowers one after the other. Make sure you glue the smallest flower at the end, Adjust the heights to match the all 3 flowers together using pieces of a styrofoam sheet.

Let the glue dry for a while and don't lift the plate upwards until it is dried totally.

Finally, take the leaves and attach them around the flowers. Find the best fitting places for the leaves before gluing them. Since the leaves have small metal wire pieces, it is easier to attach them to the styrofoam sheets. After you find the most suitable places for the leaves, glue them and wait till they dry.

Step 5: Gluing the Hearts

After the flowers and the leaves have been totally attached to the plate, it is time to glue the hearts.

Since I have used the same size for all 5 hearts, I first took one and glued it near the largest flower. Don't stick it too near as it might go under a leave and gets only half visible.

Then take the other hearts one by one and glue them while keeping the same distance between each two of them.

Give them a little angle so they look like they're going in a curve. You can get the idea by the image.

Step 6: Finalizing...

Now you're almost done...

Take the DIY cut and if it's not red, paint it using any type of paint. I used fabric paint because I only had them.... :D

If you painted it, let it dry for a while. You can buy this kind of DIY cuts from any crafts store. I bought it from " Craft Store"

Gluing this wording decides which side of your plate is the top. See the images to get an idea how I have decided which way is the top. When you finalize deciding, apply a very thin glue layer to the DIY cut and stick it on the plate. If you use a thick layer, it will spread on the plate and it may look messy and untidy.

Ooookay!!!!!!!! Now you have successfully created a plate filled with your LOVE!

But, Wait! How can someone keep this on a table????? Mmmm that's a tricky question.

Don't worry. I have a solution for that too. There are small plastic stands to buy at the market, mostly used to showcase cards. I bought one of those and kept the plate. And yes! It was a brilliant idea. :D Don't forget to give that stand when you're gifting the plate....

Hope you enjoyed making your own plate...

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