Introduction: Handmade Ethnic Wall Hanging

Hello friends,

As we know nowadays ethnic things are in fashion, Ethnic and tribal motifs continue to inspire the home. Starting from the ground up, American Indian and Moroccan-inspired looks in a wide variety of patterns and colors add ethnic flair to home decor, But they are costly, so here is a solution why don't u make your own ethnic decor with just the left overs and scraps.

Step 1: Welcome All!

Here I will show u how to make an ethnic wall hanging in few easy steps.

Material Required:-

  • Scissors, Adhesive
  • Left over decorative items and bells from Christmas
  • Old bangles
  • Waste cloth(Good condition)
  • Needle and thread for sewing

Step 2: Getting Started!!!

  • Cut the cloth in shapes of a rectangle and place a bangle in the middle.
  • Now wrap the bangle inside the cloth.
  • Carefully, sew the cloth to seal bangle inside the cloth, it should look like the thing shown in the picture.
  • Repeat the steps to create eight more.

Step 3: Re-paring the Circles

  • Now, cut the unwanted part of the cloth above stitching.
  • It's time for some decorations, paste the mirror above the stitches to hide them.

Step 4: Decorations

  • So now lets start connecting the circles with each other, prepare thread and needle.
  • Connect those circles by stitching them Strongly.
  • Don't forget to add beads between the circles in thread, so that they look neat.
  • Connect them in any pattern u want, I chose diamond shape.
  • Add few decorations such as old bells at the side's of wall hanging to make it look beautiful.

Your ethnic wall hanging is ready.

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