Introduction: Handmade Indigo Cross-stitch Coaster

Want a cup of hot coffee on a handmade Indigo cross-stitch coaster? Here's a pattern just for that. I love handmade arts and crafts. Cross-stitch is a very simple yet impressive art form. For this Indigo cross-stitch coaster, the steps to create the coaster are just at your finger-tips. Get ready!


1. Plastic canvas (33 count X 33 count)

2. Indigo yarn

3. Cross-stitch needle

4. A pair of scissors

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Find a favorable spot to start your project (preferably a wide, empty table). Make sure you gather all the supplies for the project. Most importantly, make sure you have a sizable amount of INDIGO yarn.

Step 2: Create a Pattern

You need a create a pattern in the 8 x 8 cross-stitch area. Although this pattern looks pretty complicated, its very simple if you follow the steps as given in image 1. All the 28 steps are clearly shown and just follow the steps to create the pattern. All the steps are shown in the images from (2 - 29) for your ease. Image 30 shows the final result.

Step 3: Repeat the Pattern

As I have chosen a 33 count cross-stitch plastic canvas, I was able to make 4 patterns in the 8 x 8 space both horizontally and vertically. A total of 16 square patterns are created as shown in images 1 - 4. The final image (image 4) shows the completed pattern.

Step 4: Blanket Stitch for the Border

Refer image 1 to see how to make a blanket stitch. Image 2 shown when you pull the yarn. Continuing these two steps creates the complete border as shown in image 4 and 5. Complete the blanket stitch along the boarder of the coaster. The coaster is all complete with the 16 patterns. Now, the final filling in the gaps between these patterns. Make a diagonal stitch as shown in image 6. Cover up with 3 vertical and 3 horizontal lines.

Congratulations! Your Indigo cross-stitch Coaster is ready. Enjoy a sip of hot coffee :-)

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