Introduction: Handmade Rocket Ship Costume

This is a quick(made in 3 hours), easy to make, cost effective costume!

My kid was not satisfied with any of the costumes which I shown him in retail stores. He wants something new for this Halloween. He is crazy about space science and rockets. So I just thought of making some costume in space theme which he might like. I told him that I'm going to make a Rocket ship costume at home. He nodded his head and went to sleep. I had a very limited time(a night) to make a costume. So quickly gathered the available materials and started working on it. It took just few hours, easily available materials and little creativity to create this. When he woke up in the morning and tried this costume, he was jumping with joy. He said so many thanks and gave hugs. I felt a great pleasure to see his happiness.

Step 1: Materials Required

-Chart board sheets 3( White, Black and Blue color each)

-Measuring tape


-Sticky glue and Hot glue gun

-Velcro strips

-Acrylic and poster paint colors

-Pencil, Markers, Eraser, Sharpener, Scale

-Painting brushes

-Utility knife

-Mathematical compass

-Foam sheets in different colors (for decoration)

Step 2: Procedure - Measurements

First measure the person’s height, height from head to knee and face diameter.
Here I have kept the total height of the costume to be approximately 3/4th of the total height of the body.

Step 3: Making of the Costume

-Take the full white chart sheet. Lay it in floor horizontally.
-Cut the black chart sheet into half and attach it horizontally to the bottom of the white sheet with the help of glue. (The length of the black sheet can be adjusted according to the height)
-Cut a triangle from blue chart sheet for the top conical portion of the rocket.
-Attach the triangle to the top of white sheet as shown in figure.

Step 4: Flames and Wings

-Measure two triangles of equal size in the blue chart sheet and cut it out. This is for the rocket wings.
-For the blasting flames, cut the flame shapes (4 in no)as shown in figure and paint the flames using acrylic/poster paint colors.

Step 5: Attaching the Rocket Parts

-Mark the opening for face in the body of the rocket - make a circle using a compass and cut it out using an utility knife.
-Draw two oval shapes below the circle on each side and cut the shapes out. This is for inserting hands.
-Attach the flames to the bottom of the black sheet.
-Attach the wings on the sides below the space for hands.
-Decorate the rocket using crayons,paints,stickers, etc
-Here I have painted the NASA logo and attached to it.
-I have painted the circles and attached shapes in the bottom and top of the rocket using foam sheets.
-Finally attach the Velcro on both sides using a hot glue gun to hold the costume in place.

Step 6: Costume Is Ready!

This costume can be worn just by inserting the arms through the holes on the sides and joining the Velcros on backside.
A quick,cost effective rocket ship costume is ready to blast off!!

Note: This can be made in cardboard or Fabric too.

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