Introduction: Hands-free Forearm Door Pull

This Instructable details how to create a device that will allow you to pull open a door without touching it with your hands. The commercial versions sell for between $15 and $45 a piece. This 3D printed version will cost you less than $5. On top of that, I have made some improvements to the design that I believe make it better than what is commercially available.

This design was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Any opportunity to avoid touching a shared surface in a public space with your hands is an opportunity to prevent the spread of the disease.

The forearm door pull is installed at the edge of the door as shown in the image. The hook is inset from the edge of the door so as not to create a snagging hazard when the user enters the door. A small straight section at the base of the hook spaces the user's hand away from face and edge of the door as the user swings the door open and releases their forearm from the hook. A wide blunt face on the front of the hook ensures that if someone entering the door swings it into someone trying to leave through the door there is less likelihood of causing injury.

The part prints in less than six hours with 0.2 mm layer height, 30% infill, 0.6mm wall thickness, and no material supports.


  • a 3D printer capable of printing a part of size 180x125x50mm (LxWxH)
  • four wood screws

Step 1: 3D Print the Forearm Door Pull

The STL file for 3D printing forearm door pull is attached. Use 0.2mm layer height, 30% infill, 0.6mm wall thickness, and disable support material. Orient the part on the print bed according to the images of this step.Total print time is just under six hours.

After printing, use a knife to deburr any sharp edges.

Step 2: Secure It to the Door

Position the forearm door pull at the edge of the door and around 1400mm (55in) from the floor. Adjust the height as needed. Secure the it to the door using the wood screws. Note that the forearm door pull in the image is secured to the door with adhesive wall-hanging strips. I rent an apartment and try to avoid any permanent damage to the door. Securing it with wood screws is recommended.

Step 3: Hands-free Door Pulling Achieved!!

Never pull the door open with your hands again!

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