Introduction: Hands Free Flashlight

Looking for a way to see in dark places while still using both your hands for the job at hand? Look no further.

Step 1: Hand Held Flashlight

My work requires me to have a headlamp, like most guys I like the best toys that I can afford, this means that I have several head lamps laying around. Now what to do with them.

Step 2: What You Will Need to Get Started.

  • I used around 7 ft of paracord
  • lighter
  • card board( which I will explain later)
  • knife or scissors
  • and a side release clip (optional)

Step 3: Making Your Wrist Loop. the Diamond Knot.

On the previous set of pictures I included a previous example I made with a side release. If your interested in this style might I suggest looking at stormdrake's example of a woven wrap style.

I used the diamond knot to make my loop.

  • I use a small piece of cardboard with two holes and a slit to help visualize the knot that I am tying.
  • Run the two ends through the two holes and turn sideways see first picture. You don't have to but I will be referencing the knot from this vantage point.
  • Take the bottom cord and create a loop, with the cord running under the loop.
  • Take the top cord and move it counter clockwise, bringing it so a portion is under the loop, splitting it. run the top cord end over the bottom cord, run it under the loop and over the top cord that you split. You will have a figure eight.
  • Take the top cord again and wrap it counter clockwise under the bottom loop. running the end up through the center.
  • You then take the bottom cord and wrap it counter clockwise to where the top cord started and bring the end up through the middle.You then can pull the ends creating the diamond knot. For adjusting the length just work the end in, loosening the knot.
  • Cut and burn the ends.

Step 4: Making the Cobra Knot

Now you start making the cobra knot.

I used 7 ft of cord for the band, This was a little bit of overkill since some of the cord was not used due to the fact you don't knot under the headlamp.

Start with finding the center of the 7 ft length, center that behind the loop with diamond knot. Take the left end and bring it over the center. Take the right cord, and bring it over the left, pass it under the center and pass through the loop. Pull tight. Repeat the process.

Step 5: Attach the Lamp.

Head lamps have slots for running bands through. This is how you will attach the lamp to the wrist band. Run the paracord you are using for the knot through first. Afterward you can run the loop cord through, this is the olive colored set running through the center. Once the lamp is attached you repeat the cobra knot tying process. Finishing up close the the diamond knot. Now you cut and burn the ends and your ready for hands free light or for your Buzz Lightyear inpersonation

Step 6: Finished

Enjoy and remember to vote if you enjoyed this.


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