Introduction: Hanging Mini Planter With Spoon Hook

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This adorable DIY mini planter is perfect for herbs, succulents and small flower varieties! The spoon hook adds a unique touch to this simple, yet elegant, planter!


Mini Plant Pot

Cord/Rope of Choice






Step 1: Cut String for Woven Hanger

To get started, cut 14 equal length pieces of your chosen cord. For my planter, I cut the string to about 18 inches but you can adjust the length to your preference!

Step 2: Tie Strings Together

Tie all fourteen pieces of string together, leaving a tassel like fringe on the bottom.

Step 3: Divide and Tie

Divide the lengths of cord into seven separate groups and proceed to tie each pair together (sitting the knot about half way down your planter).

Step 4: Divide and Tie Again

Now, take and divide the string pieces (after the first set of knots) and tie each adjacent cord to the each other. Keep this second section about the same length as the first! The end result should resemble the images above.

Step 5: Add Hanger to Final Knot

Now, cut a small piece of cord that, when folded and tied, will be about the same length as the fringe you intend to keep at the top of your planter. Then, insert the loop into the final knot as you tie it, trimming away any bits that remain visible. Now, within the fringe, there will be a hidden hook for hanging your planter!

Step 6: Bend Spoon Into Hook

Now, using your hammer and pliers, bend your spoon into a hook shape (flattening the face of the spoon with the hammer). Then, once you have your desired shape, use the drill with a metal capable attachment to drill a nail hole into your spoon face.

Step 7: Hang Your Planter and Enjoy!

Now you can choose your greenery of choice and move it into your new, adorable, mini planter!

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