Introduction: Night Sky Watercolor Tutorial

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This easy watercolor tutorial will teach you how to create a simple, but beautiful, painting using minimal supplies and a limited pallet!


Watercolor Paper


Measuring Utensil

Fan Brush

Hard Bristle Brush or Tooth Brush

Masking Tape

Watercolor Paints: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue

Acrylic Paint: White

Jar (For Water)

Tray (For Paints)

Hairdryer (Optional)

Step 1: Tape Edges and Prepare Paint

Use measuring utensil to measure the desired dimensions of your border. Then, tape off border using masking tape.

Step 2: Paint Base: Dark to Light

Using a large watercolor brush or the fan brush, paint a base of watercolor fading from black (at the top) to light blue/grey (at the bottom). Use a mixture of black and dark blue, slowly adding more blue as you go, until you've reached the desired range in your base fade. You can use a spare piece of paper to test your paint mix, before applying it to your main piece, to see if you have the desired hue. Allow base to dry before continuing to next step!

Step 3: Paint the Trees

Using the fan brush and pure black paint, start by creating thin vertical lines (to represent the top of the trees) and then proceed to use short quick horizontal brush strokes to create the branches. Add as many or as few trees as you like!

Step 4: Add the Stars

To create the stars, use the hard bristle brush (or old tooth bush) and acrylic paint. After dipping the brush in the slightly watered down paint, use your thumb to spray small droplets across the sky of your painting (careful not to get any on the trees).

Step 5: Remove Masking Tape and Enjoy!

Finally, after letting your painting dry, carefully remove the masking tape and enjoy your finished piece!

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