Introduction: Hanging Shelves From Boxes

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This is an easy way to decorate walls in a modular and stylish way!

- Wooden boxes - small shipping crates, wine boxes, cigar boxes, etc!
- Cord - rope, old climbing slings, paracord, etc.
- Paint
- Eye hooks/wall anchors

- Sawzall (for solid boxes)
- Drill
- Paintbrush

Disclaimer: ALWAYS use proper technique with tools, safety goggles, and common sense!

Step 1: Cut and Paint Your Box

Depending on your box choice, you may or may not need to cut the box to the depth you want.

This can be done with a circular saw, some table saws, or a sawzall. Always use your safety goggles and exercise caution with cutting devices. Cutting irregular objects or multi-sided objects carries increased risk of kickback and unanticipated blade exposure!

Look at the box construction to be sure you're not cutting through a structurally important part.

Sand and paint to your liking. Get creative and have fun!

Step 2: Drill the Holes and Pass the Cord

For a single cord, drill one hole (slightly larger than your cord), near the upper back of each side of the box. File/sand rough edges. Run the cord through both holes and tie, leaving the desired hanging length on top.

To use two slings as pictured, you'll need top as well as side holes in the upper corners.

Note: Take note of the construction of the box to ensure that you will not significantly weaken it or remove essential structural components with your hole placement.

Knots: Equal length slings can be fed through the two holes and passed through itself using a simple hitch. A single cord looks great with a double fisherman's knot, especially with a few extra loops thrown in. However, a bowline, figure eight, or similarly secure knot will hold up the load and can be hidden inside the box if desired.

Step 3: Hanging the Wall Hanger Thingie

This step is crucial for safety! You need to ensure a secure mounting point for the hanging box!

1. Finding a stud. No, not you, one in the wall. Studfinders can help, and magnets are amazing for finding the line of nails or drywall screws to line yourself up. An appropriately rated eye screw or hook will do you good.

2. Wall anchors. There are a variety of wall anchors that can support 5-50+ lbs in drywall, but make sure you're matching approved ratings to your load.

Step 4: Decorate!

Put your favorite awesomeness in the boxes and enjoy!