Introduction: Hanging the Question Block Lamp (with Included Hanging Kit)

So you've received your Question Block Lamp and mounting kit, and you're wondering, "What do I do with this??" Well, this step-by-step guide should help you get set up in just a few minutes. 

Tools needed: 
- 1 mounting kit (included in your package)
- A drill with a 3/16" bit (if you don't have a drill, call a friend! Hopefully you know someone who can lend a hand)
- A hammer

Step 1: The Hanging Kit

The hanging kit includes the following: 
- 1 metal eye-hook
- 1 yellow dry-wall anchor (for eye-hook)
- 1 clear plastic hanging piece
- 2 cable staples

Step 2: Find Your Spot and Drill a Hole

Where would you like your lamp to live? Do you want it to be a nightlight in your bedroom? How about in your kitchen or living room? 

When you pick your spot, you'll need to drill a small hole in the ceiling. A 3/16th inch drill bit is best, but a bit smaller or larger is fine. Just try to match the size to the yellow anchor in the kit. 

Step 3: Insert the Anchor

The plastic yellow anchor should press in easily. If need be, you can use a mallet or hammer to tap it in further. 

Step 4: Screw in Eye-hook

Now screw the eye-hook into the plastic anchor. You should feel the anchor bite the further you screw the hook in. When it's all the way in, you should be able to tug on the hook and it won't budge. 

Step 5: Wrap the Cable Around the Hanging Piece

Figure out how high you want the lamp to hang, then measure from the top of the lamp to the eye-hook in the ceiling. Mark that distance along the cable. 

Wrap that part of the cable around the clear hanging piece as you see in the picture. This will pinch the cable in place, so that your lamp will always hang just right.

Step 6: Hang the Clear Piece on the Eye-hook

The hanging piece has a third hook that goes through the metal loop. Let your lamp hang and check out the height. If you don't like the position, just readjust the wire on the hanging piece. 

Step 7: Tidy the Cord With the Cable Staples

You should now have two lengths of cord hanging from the eye-hook. One will be going to the lamp, the other will be a longer cord that will eventually plug into your outlet. You don't want to have this second piece of cord hanging around, so it's time to attach that to the nearest wall.

Use the cable staples to keep the remaining cord flush against the wall. You should be able to tap these in easily with a hammer. For best results, you should put one right at the top of the wall near the ceiling, and one further down, closer to your power outlet. 

Step 8: Plug in and You're Done!

Now just plug your cable into the included adapter, and you're all set! You're in store for an infinite supply of gold coins and 1-ups!