Hanukkah Decoration Using Tinkercad

Introduction: Hanukkah Decoration Using Tinkercad

Final appearance of Hanukkah decoration using tinkercad.

Step 1: Basic Shapes and Steps

  • Create 5 mm*5 mm *150 mm red color middle bar.
  • Using copy of red bar and resize rotate and create Orange content.
  • Create star shape.
  • Resize Paraboloid shape and create candle holder.
  • Combine all shapes together.

Step 2: Create Star Shape

  • Get roof shape, resize it and make triangle shape.
  • Get another copy and combine two triangles and group them to make star shape.
  • Get a copy of star and resize into small star and make as a hole.
  • Group them as mentioned in image.

Step 3: Most Complex Step

  • Create red color shape combination using resized square shapes.
  • Get a rectangular hole to get to the finishing.

Step 4: Combine All Together

  • Combine all shapes together to get this view.
  • This appears before group all shapes.
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