Introduction: Tinkercad Christmas Tree

Basic parts

  • Branches
  • Trunk
  • Star

Step 1: Make Leaves

  • Get one solid rectangular shapes and one hole rectangular shapes and combine them as mentioned in the picture.
  • Then group it and get triangular shape.

Step 2: Make Branches

  • Get two copies of triangular shapes and rotate and group them as mentioned in the picture.
  • Then group them.

Step 3:

  • Make a cylinder shape trunk.

Step 4: Make a Star

  • Get a roof shape and make triangular shape by resizing it.
  • Get another copy of triangular shape and combine them to get a star shape.
  • Group them and make a star.
  • Get a copy of star shape and minimize it and set as a hole.
  • Put hole star in the middle of solid star and group them.

Step 5:

Combine all together to make a Christmas tree.

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