Introduction: Beer Can and Cardboard Plant Pot

This was designed for my university brief.

Here is a step by step DIY plant pot. You can make this at home with what you have at your house.

Easy to make, what you need is cardboard and beer can. Please if you have a child or grandchild do it with them. It will release your stress and its a good chance to get closer to them.

I was stuck in student halls and I tried my best to create the object.

I hope you enjoy it!

(Little written instruction)

Step 1: You Will Need These Material and Equipment

You will need at least 3 beer can and 30cm by 30cm cardboard.

Step 2: Beer Can

Put the can like this

Step 3: Marking Out

Mark from top to bottom of the can.

Use Craft knife and scissors to cut like the image.

Step 4: Pressing

Slowly push the 4 edges inside of the can.

Step 5: Cardboard Base

Find any kind of cardboard that's bigger than 30cm by 30cm.

Those are the measurements for the base.

Step 6: Cutting Out Cardboard

Use a craft knife and a pair of scissors.

Place the parts like the images.

Step 7: Assembling

Make sure that the same parts are facing the same way.

Step 8: Final Step

Put the beer can pot on top of the cardboard base.