Introduction: "Happy Birthday" Lights

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Everybody should feel special in their birthdays! It's a day to celebrate even if you don't have a big party. This idea is great to personalize for whatever special occasion you have and make something with your hands that will look original and beautiful!

Step 1: Get Ready

You will need:

Small disposable plastic cups

Bright green spray paint


Black marker

String lights with bulbs

Step 2: Paint

Use the spray paint to paint all the outside surface of your cups. I used 11 cups but you can use more or less depending on what you want to write on them.

Step 3: Make Holes

Heat up the tip of your knife and put it on top of your cups to make a hole big enough to make the little light pass through it.

Step 4: Write

It's time to draw your letters! I love this part because it makes the lighted up banner very unique! My cups say


Try to make your letters the same size and style so you can have a nice looking banner.

Step 5: Lights

Introduce your light through the hole we made and put the little plastic bulb on it. This makes it super easy because it holds the light in place and it makes the light look very cool.

Step 6: Ready!

Hang your light string with some masking tape or with nails and surprise someone in their special day!

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