Introduction: Happy Face

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This is a giant wall mount spinning happy face :)

Step 1: Parts

Six snow mobile bearings (inside diameter 20mm)

Twelve 3/4" #6 flat head screws

18" x 20" 1/2 inch thick plywood


3d printed gears and bearing holders (each gear and bearing holder takes about 7 hours to print--this is not an overnight enterprise)

Step 2:

The gears were designed in Fusion. Go to "add ins--spur gears" to get to gears.

After I created a gear, I imported it into Tinkercad (20% size), then made the gear 10mm deep. In Tinkercad, I combined the gear with the "axle piece" to create a finished gear. The axle piece is threaded to allow for securing to the bearing in a later step.

Step 3:

Take the top bearing support and insert a bearing.

Step 4:

Take the lower bearing support and push it onto the bearing.

Step 5:

The bolts (printed at 96% size) thread into the bearing supports and secure the bearing.

Step 6:

The gear lock (printed at 100% fill and 95% size) threads into the gear and holds it in place.

Step 7:

Cut and paint the plywood backing. Fasten the gears one at a time using the 3/4" screws.

Step 8:

Cover the wood screws by threading in the cover caps (printed at 90% size).

Step 9:

This should complete the wall art spinner--try to walk past without turning a gear :)