Introduction: Harley Quinn/ Joker Bath Bombs

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How to make Harley Quinn Bath Bombs DIY Tutorial

Things you need:

8 oz. baking soda

4 oz Citric Acid

4 oz. corn starch

4 oz. Epsom salts

3/4 tsp water

2 tsp. essential oil

2.5 tsp almond oil or coconut oil or other light oil

A few drops food coloring

Clear Plastic Ornament

Step 1: Dump all of your dry ingredients into one big bowl and stir.

Step 2: Place wet ingredients in a another bowl and mix.

Step 3: Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and stir. Mixture should feel like wet sand when finished so add more oil if you need.

Step 4: Put mixture into ornament and let it sit for the day before taking it out.

You can decorate your bath bomb bomb by adding food coloring to your mix