Introduction: Harley Quinn 'Pop Gun' Replica

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This is a quickie prop replica project that has been hiding out in my basement for DECADES. It's a super simple build and can be done with very high-tech tools or just some cardboard or bakable clay. The only parts you need to buy are this crazy Condiment Gun and some cork stoppers. I've even included an STL file of the full revolver if you don't want to spend the $21.95 and have some extra filament laying around.

Since this is a replica firearm please don't take it outside if there is any chance someone will mistake it for a real gun.

Step 1: Cutting

I used an oscillating cutter to remove the existing barrel from the condiment gun mainly because it was on my workbench and plugged in. A hacksaw or even a serrated bread knife would probably do but make sure you take whatever safety precautions are needed. Clean up the cut area so it's pretty flat, but I don't think you need to go overboard sanding the area super smooth - most of the surface will be covered by the new barrel.

Step 2: New Barrel

This barrel is really just two cylinders smooshed together with a triangular sight on top: one 1 1/2 inches wide and the one below it 5/8 inches wide. The length is about 1 inch. You can glue the cork directly onto the end of the cylinders or make a hole for it to sit in. The STL file for 3D printing is provided.

Whatever you make the new part out of, just glue it onto the body of the condiment gun, making sure it looks straight. Now paint!

Step 3: Paint

I just used some matte black primer spray paint to color the whole thing. I'm not sure what exactly is screen accurate for a cartoon, so feel free to try out other combos that would make Harley & Mr J proud. The cork is a friction fit into the barrel.