Introduction: Harry Potter Broomstick Pencil

Everyone loves Harry Potter (if you don't, do yourself a favor and stop reading), and we're constantly writing, whether it be the grocery list, an essay for school or work, the occasional note-to-self, or even a letter delivered by owl ;). This pencil is an afternoon 30 minute project, and since its super easy, you can make multiple in different styles and experiment with it, maybe even give some to fellow Potterheads! 

Step 1: Supplies

-Standard No. 2 pencil
-About 15-20 toothpicks
-Small rubber band (optional, but helpful)
-Brown Paint 
-Workspace that can get messy (with paint)
-Hot glue gun (not shown)

Step 2: Sandin'

In order to paint your pencil, ahem, broomstick, you have to sand off the yellow paint finish. Without doing so, the paint will not stick evenly and it will look sloppy. I found that sanding horizontally rather than vertically works a bit better. After you sand it, break off the ends of the toothpicks so that they look kind of like broken-off twigs. If you're going for a smoother, more Nimbus 2001 look, you might not want to break the toothpicks (keep in mind you will also have to paint it black).

Step 3: Paintin'

Lay the sanded pencil and toothpicks down on your workspace (it might get paint on it, so laying down newspaper might be a good idea). Paint them however thin or thick you'd like. I used a dark brown, giving it a traditional broomstick feel, but if you want a Nimbus 2000 (or 2001, you pesky Slytherins), you can paint it lighter or darker. 

Step 4: Gluin'

Once the pencil and toothpicks are dry, start gluing your toothpicks on the end of the pencil, making sure to cover up the metal part that holds the eraser. I suggest putting a small line of glue then applying one toothpick at a time rather than trying to cover the whole thing in glue and rush to get the toothpicks on before the hot glue dries. 

Step 5: Finishing Up

Wrap your small rubber band around the toothpicks a few times. This will give it a cool look and help keep the toothpicks together tightly while the glue dries. Sharpen the tip and its ready to go! 

**Disclaimer: Its not my fault if your broomsticks fly away when your not watching them. Don't get too magical ;)**

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