Introduction: Harry Potter Costume

This an easy way to make a realistic Harry Potter costume!


-black pants
-white button up shirt
-black shoes/boots
-black robe

Step 1: Glasses

Of course if you are going to be harry Potter you need circular glasses

Step 2: White Shirt

Get a white shirt. I got a whit button up from target.

Step 3: Tie

I got mine with my robe but you could use a plain red or yellow tie

Step 4: Black Pants

I have black jeans from old navy but you can get them from anywhere

Step 5: Black Robe

I got my robe at a halloween store

Step 6: Wand

I got mine off Amazon but you could use a stick from your backyard

Step 7: Black Shoes

You can use any black shoes you have. I'm using boots.

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