Introduction: Harry Potter Potions

selfmade potions

Step 1: Step 1: Different Types of Bottles & Jars

I bought the bottles and jars in a local secondhand shop. Make sure you get different shapes and sizes.

Step 2: Step 2: Contents

I put water in some of the bottles/jars and added glitter, beads and other craft material in it and added colouring to some of them. The felix fortuna shaped bottle is a parfume bottle from Katy Perry.

Step 3: Step 3: Outside of Bottles

I put stickers on the bottles (I got them out of a Harry Potter book I got from the HP studio tour in Londen), but you can also find them on the internet. I put some little decorative flowers in the cork of one of the bottles and added ribbons and other stuff on to the bottles and jars. You can get as creative as you want!