Introduction: Harry Potter: Through the Trap Door

For this project, we are challenged to create a scene from a book that we loved. I choose the scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

After Harry, Ron and Hermione realize that Hagrid has been duped by a mysterious man and the 3-headed dog, Fluffy, must be guarding something important. The chapter is called “Through the Trap Door.” Harry, Ron and Hermione climb past Fluffy, who has been put to sleep by the stranger, and through a trap door. They have to overcome spells set by the teachers to protect the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Step 1: Set the Stage

To begin, I created the floor from the hexagon shape. I added the walls and doors with the brick shapes and cube.

Step 2: Devil's Snare

Now that Harry, Ron and Hermione have gone through the trap door, they have to overcome the spells to keep the Stone safe. The first one is the Devil’s Snare. To make the Devil’s Snare plant I used coils and made them green.

Step 3: Flying Keys

Next they must get a key to the door which is flying above their heads. The keys were the most challenging part to make because there were no skeleton style keys. I put the keys together using several different shapes and used the butterfly shape to make them fly. Harry uses his superior broom-flying ability and snitch catching skills to get the correct key and unlock the door.

Step 4: The Deadliest Game: Chess and Logic Puzzles

The next room Ron plays a life size game of deadly chess, the chess pieces and board were also challenging to make and needed many pieces. And Hermione, disappointed that she doesn't need magic to solve her challenge, has to solve a logic puzzle with 3 bottles. Now that they have defeated all of these traps, they are ready to enter the chamber and face “He who shall not be named.”