Introduction: Harry Potter Wand

Paint( brown and black others will work too)
Tree branch
Water/ sink
Lighter ( optional)
Patience ( optional )
Hot glue gun ( optional)
Or regular glue( optional)

Step 1: Pick and Clean

So pick off any fungus or access branch and run under water to clean

Step 2: Dry and Paint

Dry ur branch off using a towel. Then take your paint and smoothly paint 2-3 coats

Step 3: Dry

Let black dry then add brown coat

Step 4:

I will not be showing any of the optional things except patient and regular glue so the lighter is to burn rough edges and hot glue gun to make designs with like hermione grangers wand

Step 5: Glur

With your paint brush rub regular glue all over the wand as a glaze caution paint may run off its ok. Also wash paint brush off right away or else It'll just get ruined

Step 6: Done

Once it's dry wave it around and abracadabra its your Harry Potter wand