Introduction: Hasbro IndominusRex Stand Up Fix

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Step 1: Taredown

Remove 6 philip head screws from the IndominusRex, some are kind of hidden by the arms and the legs.

Remove the battery cover and the batteries.

Step 2: Sperate the Two Halves

Make sure you are careful here.
The battery and electronics stick to the top but as the picture shows.

Be extra careful with the head, it came off when I did it the first time but it's easy to put it back. Just make sure no springs get loose or come off as if this happens I wouldn't know how to fix it. (Sorry)

Step 3: Leg Stiffening

The legs were really loose in my case so I added a plastic washer to the screw that adds friction to the leg.
I guess the extra roughness with the washer worked just fine for me.

Step 4: Limiting Legs Angle

*This is an extra step, skip it if you are OK with the IndominusRex leaning low as it normally is. I just thought it was leaning forward a bit much for my taste so added something to limit its range.

I curl up some wire and add some hot glue to limit the range of what the IndominusRex can lean forward.
Make sure the wire is stiff and careful with gluing the leg, I added a bit too much hot-glue to the first leg so quickly I kept moving the leg to make sure it still had movement.

Step 5: Remove the Tail

Remove the tail

Step 6: Cut a Hole in the Tail

Cut a hole in the tail so we can add some counter weight to balance the front heavy dinosaur.

I used my soldering iron for this, I made the mistake of cutting a top hole but you don't have to do that one.

Make sure it's big enough for some small coins and nuts and bolts.

Step 7: Fill It In

Fill the tail with about 150 grams of metal ( it can be whatever really but nuts and bolts and coins are cheap and dense)
Shake it a little to settle it down.

If u can't weigh it in and don't know how much to put, really just fill it in till u can't add any more. The tail really needs to be heavy.

I measured the tail before doing anything and it was around 68 grams.
After filling it it with nuts, bolts and pennies it ended up being around 220 grams.

Step 8: Stop the Rattling

I added some UHU glue and shakes it around a bit so that hopefully the glue joins the coins, nuts and bolts in there.

This did stop the rattle and I had some extra space so added some tissue just to avoid more movement of things inside the tail.

* if u don't have UHU glue, just drop some hot glue in there and shake it to settle it down.

Step 9: Putting Him Back Together

Gently and patiently join the two halves together, make sure everything lines up.

*the tricky part is the head bit around the arms, make sure the silicon head doesn't get pinched and you might have to open the mouth slightly in order to let one of the pegs of the mechanism fall in place.
Be really patient as this is really the hardest part.

Place back the 6 screws on the IndominusRex, add the batteries and battery cover and YOU ARE DONE!!!!

Step 10: DONE!!

Enjoy you free standing super stable IndominusRex.
The extra weight makes it feel beefier and it looks so cool now that it stands on its own.