Introduction: Hat & Broom for the Eco-Friendly Witch

Be green on Halloween, with some old jeans.

Step 1: Materials

Witch Hat
3 jean pant legs
1 yard (or more) of trim
10 used plastic bags, or any other recycled material for stuffing
1 yard of black felt scraps
18" diameter circle from left over cardboard, or foamboard
Optional Embellishments
1 zipper pull
1 pipe cleaner (any color)
2 yards of embroidery floss(If making web by hand)
Either 1 yard of furry string, or 3 black pipe cleaners
Iron-on patches
Needle & thread
Broken belt with large, square buckle
Black netting
7 - 8 zippers from the jeans you deconstructed
Anything you want to add for embellishments

Broken tree branch (3-4 feet long)
Small saw, or pruning sheers
Palm sander, or sanding block
Coarse sandpaper (Several sheets)
4 jean pant legs
Small scraps for stuffing
Glue Gun & Sticks
Safety goggles
Small black netting scrap
Old belt buckle
Dremmel tool
Rubber Band
(The picture shows wire, which I never used)
I couldn't get all the supplies in one pic, so these are just a few.

Step 2: Witch Hat Pattern & Cutting

Cut your foamboard, or cardboard in an 18 inch diameter circle. Use this to trace around on two of the pand legs. Take one circle, and cut a 8 - 9 inch diameter hole inside it. This piece will be used for your brim.

Using a third pant leg, for the top portion of the hat, fold the pantleg in half, then cut a diagnal from the bottom of the leg , coming to a point at the top.

Around the bottom circumference, of the top portion, you will make 8 to 10 notched sections going all the way around the bottom. The tops of each notch should be even, and going up 1 inch from the bottom.

Step 3: Witch Hat Sewing

Top portion:
With right sides together, sew along the diagnal. Turn right-side out.

Pin the notched section, to the brim, and sew around once with a long stitch to tack it together. It it looks straight, sew around again with a zig-zag stitch.

Turn the hat inside out, and sew the underside of the brim to the top brim with right sides facing together. Turn right-side out, and zig-zag around the edge to make it flat.
Pin the zippers around the edge, and sew to the top of the brim.

Cut a large slit on the middle of the bottom section to put the cardboard, or foamboard in.

Step 4: OOOPS!

Usually, if I make a mistake, I fix it, and re-do the instructable. This time, I thought it would be good to show how to fix a problem area.

I cut the hole in the brim in an oblong shape, instead of a round shape. It really doesn't matter except that the hole is too big for the top part of the hat.

To fix this, I cut 2 moon-shaped pieces and sewed them to the sides of the inner circle, making the hold smaller.

After pinning this several times, it's best to pin one side, go directly across to the other side and then pin it. Work back and forth across the circle until it's all pinned.
Pinning it in order kept giving me gathered fabric at the end.

It would be best to put on any embelishments before sewing the top of the hat. Anything I add after attaching the brim, has to be handsewn. It was very difficult to do, and resulted in it not being as straight as I wanted it to be.

Step 5: Embelishment Choices

I added an iron-on patch, zipper pulls & zippers, netting, buckle, material scraps, and Halloween items.

Iron-on patch...self explanatory

Zipper Pulls
Cut the ends off the zipper and slide the pull off the end.

Use a seam ripper to cut the zipper out of the jeans.

Cut off of old belt

I added a piece of material, left over from another project, to wrap around where the brim meets the top. I'm adding some netting scraps to make a belt with.
To make the edge around the brim, sew a tube from felt, then cover it with the sheer scraps and sew to the brim.

Halloween Items
You can use spiders, bats, etc. Whatever you like.

Step 6: How to Make the Embellishments

I embroidered the web, and to be honest, it would have gone much faster this way.
Find a web pattern on the internet, and using  chalk, trace it onto the top section (before you ever sew it together.)
Go around the pattern with a tight zig-zag stitch. This saves you from poking yourself a hundred times with the embroidery needle.

Rather than trying to explain the spider, it would be easier to use black pipecleaners. It didn't have any, so I used some left over fuzzy cord from my corsage project.
Bend each pipe cleaner in half, and twist it around your finger in the other direction. Bend the legdown, then bend again at the end to make the foot. Do this with all four pieces.
Hand sew the loops together. Twist a small piece of pipe cleaner tightly in a ball, and sew to the body. Glue on beads for eyes.
Hand sew the feet to the hat, and add small, round beads to accentuate the end of each foot.
For the fangs, I used 2 very small shell beads, but you could easily use a contrasting felt or pipe cleanr and glue it on.

Take a section of pipe cleaner (any color) and center the middle into the bottom of the zipper pull. Twist the ends into the center to make the wings. Sew the wings to the hat, near the web.

When finished, insert the foam or cardboard and stuff with plastic bags. (After Halloween, reuse the plastic bags again!)

Step 7: BROOM Stick

And now for something completely different.

Go out and hunt for the perfect broom stick. You want it to be about 4 feet long, straight, but with curves in it.

Time for the safety googles.

Break off any side branches, and cut nubs off with a saw, or pruning sheers.

You may need to let it dry for a few days if it's a newly fallen branch.

Using a palm sander, with coarse grit sandpaper, release the magic from the wood. I took off all the nubs first, then worked on where the culled side branches were. I think it looks nice with some of the bark remaining.

Using a dremel tool, I carved a spider into the stick.

Once finished, oil it with some vegetable oil and leave in the sun for an hour. (Solar Charging)

Step 8: Broom Bristles

I'm going for that "Fantasia" shape. In order to do this, I'm going to make a little jean bag to go underneath. This will give it the shape I want.

Cut out an oval shape(with straight, blunt ends) from one pant leg. Sew together, leaving the top open.

Put the stick in, then stuff with scap material. Hot glue the top of the bag to the broom handle. (I stapled it before finding my glue gun)

For the bristles, cut a 24 -30 inch section of pant leg, fold almost in half, leaving a 1 inch section at the top. Start cutiing the strips. You will need at least 3 pantlegs for this. 

Wrap the uncut top around the broom handle where it meets the jean bag.  Repeat with the other sections until it looks full.

Gather the bottom of the bristles with a rubber band, leaving 1 inch loose. Hot glue to the bottom of the broom bag. Now hot glue the strands to the bag. Remove the rubber band.

Take some more black, scrap material, and another belt buckle and glue it where the broom stick meets the bag.

Since the broom handle was "solar charged," you should feel the spark start to happen. Fly my pretties!

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