Introduction: Hat Camera Mount

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I have been having trouble with my videos on my YouTube channel. Because I normally shoot the videos my self as I am in the videos sometimes what I think I am showing is not what gets captured.

This causes all manner of problems.

I recently bought a new tripod and it came with a cell phone mount and being unable to use more than one camera mount on the tripod at a time I wanted to figure out a way to use it.

Since a 1/4 20 bolt has the same threads as a camera mounting screw I figured I could hang the cell phone mount somewhere.

In looking for a good place I realized my head would be perfect. Since my head is always pointing where my eyes are looking at a diy camera mount hat would be perfect. Making this hat camera mount was easy, you can go through the step by step instructions or skip to the video at the end.

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • A hat - I bought the cheapest ball cap I could find at the dollar store, but just about everyone has an old ball cap laying around
  • A mounting screw - if your cheap you can use a 1/4 20 bolt, but I found that a1/4 Quick Release Plate Mounting Screw that was designed for camera mounts was easiest - I found a 5 pack for $8 on Amazon

  • Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter - these usually come with new tripods, but I got mine from Amazon for $5

  • a 1/4 washer (maybe more depending on the bolt you used and the stiffness of the hat brim

Step 2: Step 1 - Drill Hole in Hat

First I took a punch and made a hole in the brim of the hat. If you don’t have a punch a hot soldering iron would work.

Step 3: Step 2 - Run Screw Through Hole

Next use a washer and run the camera mounting screw through the

Step 4: Step 3 - Screw Mount to Hat

Finally screw the camera to the screw and have a good time taking

Step 5: Here's the Video

This project could not be any easier. Of course my wife could not stop laughing at how funny she said the contraption looked.

However, looking is a small price to pay for making videos you find useful.

As said in Jerry Maguire “I’m not in it for the money, its all about you babe”. Seriously, I do have a horrible lack of camera skills, and bad equipment had plagued me. Every time I save enough for better equipment I look at the reviews and promptly buy the wrong thing.

I hope that this helps me better capture the DIY projects I am working on. Unfortunately, in a video I am working on now, I used this device when working on putting foam in the ceiling of the conex box and got sick watching it because I kept looking from place to place. Its not noticeable wearing the hat, but watching the video I was like “Dave, can you ever stay still”.