Introduction: Egg Slicer As a Strawberry Dicer

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This is an easy tip that is pretty self evident. I sometimes have to cut up strawberries into slices. Most often for my brandied strawberries. I don’t like slicing strawberries much, so I use an Egg Slicer as Strawberry Dicer.

The process is stupidly simple, and it takes no time at all to do. However, a strawberry is a little harder to slice than an egg, so you may want to stay away from the cheapest level of egg slicers.

I like an all metal version like the one pictured. I find they are just a little stronger and cut more uniform slices of strawberries.

I also like to use firm ripe strawberries. If they are overripe or too soft they will tend to smash and smoosh rather than slice cleanly. I hate when that happens and I get threads of strawberries hanging off of the slicer.

It may also help is you take out the center stem before you slice them. I have a video on how use a straw to de-stem strawberries on my website.

I hope this tip to use an egg slicer as a strawberry dicer works well for you. I know I use it whenever I need sliced strawberries.

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