Introduction: Hatch Eggs AFK Pokemon Sword or Shield for Nintendo Switch With a Rubber Band

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This is an easy life hack you can apply to your Nintendo Switch to hatch eggs AFK in Pokemon Sword or Shield! It incorporates a rubber band to keep your joysticks faced a certain way so you can walk in circles until you stop it manually.


You need a Nintendo Switch and Joycons, the Nintendo Switch Joycon Grip, Pokemon Sword or Shield, and a rubber band.

Step 1: Getting Ready

To prepare for this, boot up your Nintendo Switch Pokemon Sword or Shield and head to the Wild Area. It is preferred that you have finished the game at this point, but not mandatory. Go to the nursery, and breed the needed Pokemon until you have six of them. Head to an area where there is no wild lingering Pokemon and take the Joycons off of the Switch. Attach them to the grip, and you are ready to start.

Step 2: Rubber Band

Take your band, and loop it around the right joystick while pulling it towards the right. Loop it behind the black grip, and hook it to the left joystick so the stick is pointing to the top right. On your screen, you should see your character walking in a circle repeatedly. It might take a few tries, so stick around to fine-tune the rubber band so it doesn't go off-course. Then leave for some time, and your egg should have hatched.

Step 3: Extras

Please make sure the rubber band is not damaging the joystick in any way. Those suckers are 35$ a pop and I would hate to be responsible for your loss. It didn't break for me, but make sure a couple of times before leaving.

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