Introduction: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

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If you are about to start spring cleaning but don't know how this is the place to be. This document compiles a checklist of must-dos before and while cleaning. These are taken from personal experience and the internet, so I hope it will be helpful to you.

Step 1: Here It Is!

- Restock your cleaning supplies. Don't forget to get common things like baking soda, vinegar, and soap. Also, make sure you still have things like a microfiber mop and a vacuum.

- Wipe ceilings and walls. Use a vacuum attachment to clean the dust off and then use a moist towel to erase any grimy stubborn spots.

-Use grout sealers to reseal the cement-like stuff in between walls and use a small brush to apply it for maximum impact.

-Use feather dusters for dust EVERYTHING. Bookshelves, closets, tops of ceiling fans and spots that rarely see the light of day. Take everything off first, then dust until happy.

-Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. The last thing you want is to wake up to find your house encased in flames while the battery is dead.

-Change the lightbulbs and dust them while you're up there. Try to use LEDs to save money and electricity.

-Check to see that pipes are all clean and fixed. If there is brown water coming out, change your pipes because the rust might be leaching into the water.

-Organize! This is one of the most important parts of Spring Cleaning. Throw out any old, useless trash lying around and sort items. Trust us, it will make you feel a lot better afterward.

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