Introduction: Hawaiian Hula Costume

Aloha from my doggy to you.

If you are looking for a cheap and easy homemade costume to make for you pet or even your kid, then this is it. In this instructable I will demonstrate how I made a Hawaiian hula girl costume set for my dog. Its quick, cute, and easy to make!


-foam paper

-super glue or hot glue gun

-fishing wire or clear string


-paint and paint brushes


-3D Printer (Optional)

-Iron or heat gun

-scissors or laser cuter

Step 1: Cut Leaves and Paint Them

I started off by using CorelDraw to trace a leaf outline so I could cut several leaves using the laser cutter. The size of your dog should help you determine how many leaves you need to cut out. The material I used for the leaves was foam paper because this material is easy to paint and glue stuff onto. It's also a comfortable material for your dog to wear. If you don't have a laser cutter or CorelDraw you could just do it the old fashion way and trace the leaves with a pencil and use scissors to cut it out. I used white foam paper so I could paint the leaves afterwards using acrylic paint to give it more of a real leaf look but you could also just use green foam paper if you'll like.

Step 2: Attach Leaves Together

The fishing wire was used to tie the leaves together so the skirt would be more resistant. I used a pen to poke holes through the leaves having them one on top of the other forming a skirt so I could insert the string through them and tie it.

Step 3: Add Tiny Leaves

For this step I just cut out random little thin leaves to glue on top of the skirt just to make it look nicer. I also painted those leaves green. I cut extra of those leaves to use for the head piece in the upcoming step.

Step 4: Make Flowers

For the flowers, I traced a petal outline onto colored foam paper and then cut the petals out. I used a heat gun (flat iron works too) to curl the leaves to give it more of a real flower look and gust glued then together. For an extra realistic touch I painted the center of the flowers yellow. These flowers are going to be added to the head piece and skirt.

Step 5: Add Ribbon and Flowers

I went ahead and painted along the edges of the petals with dark green. Then I glued the flowers along the top of the skirt and lastly I added ribbon to the ends so you could tie the skirt on.

Step 6: Head Piece

For the head piece, I used wire for the base of the headband then added the thin tiny leaves onto it. I painted some leaves dark green and light green. Then, I glued the leaves and flowers on with super glue for better stability and attached string to the end so you could tie it on.

Step 7: Coconuts

I decided to 3D print my coconuts just because I wanted the perfect shape and size coconuts for my dog to wear comfortably. I design the coconuts to be 3 inches in diameter and added a few holes along the sides to insert the string. Depending on the size of your pet is how long you would need the string to be. Lastly I painted the coconuts with brown paint ( multiple coats of paint needed). If you don't have access to a 3D printer you can make the coconuts with real coconuts or paper.

Step 8: Put It All Togther and Wear It !

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