Introduction: Hay Rack Hiding Place

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What could be better than guinea pigs as treasure guardians!

Messy hay over there, messy hay everywhere. This irritation lead me to the idea of using the messiness of hay to hide valuables. This multi-functional hay rack is a solution; it does not only keeps our pets happy, but also hides our treasure perfectly. Who would think that something precious would be laying there!

Step 1: Prepare Following Materials and Tools


  • Corrugated Plastic Sheet


  • Ruler
  • Utility Knife
  • 12 Cloth Clips
  • Scotch Tape
  • Hot Glue

    Step 2: ❤ Prepare Your Lovely Pet ❤

    Greeting from my masters, Truffle and Champignon.

    Step 3: Draw These Patterns

    Step 4: Cut Along Solid Lines

    TIPS: Repeatedly cutting multiple times with less strength is safer than cutting only one time with more strength.

    Be careful with your hands!

    Step 5: Assemble - Glue - Tape

    1. Assemble two sides of the hay rack.
    2. Assemble the hiding place base and attach it to the hay rack.
    3. Assemble the hiding place cover.
    4. Close the hay rack.

    TIPS: Use ruler to furrow first, then fold it. Cloth clips are very helpful for holding pieces together.

    Step 6: Almost Done

    Only one more step to go!

    Step 7: Attach to Cage

    Attach your hay rack to the cage. I use wires so they cannot chew on.

    Step 8: Hide - Cover

    Put your valuables in the hiding place then cover it.

    Step 9: Let Your Pet Enjoy!

    "Ummm ... Not bad, human."

    "Champignon, lemme eat too!"

    Step 10: One More Thing ...

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