Introduction: Basic Head Pin

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Have you ever been working on a jewellery project only to find that you have run out of that particular head pin required for the job?  It's too late to head for the bead shop and online won't deliver for 3 business days.  What do you do?

By keeping a continuous roll of craft wire around the house a head pin is only a few twists of a plier away.

Materials required for this tutorial:

Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter
A length of soft wire to practice on

Step 1:

Start with 3 inches (7.5 cm) of wire and the round nose pliers.

Put one end of the wire into the round nose pliers so that the end is flush with the top of the pliers.

Step 2:

With your thumb or forefinger, press the wire right up against the pliers to start bending the wire away from the centre of the pliers around one of the plier teeth.

Stop bending when the bent end of the wire resembles an "U" shape or curved handle of an umbrella.

Do not try to make this bend by holding the opposite end of the wire, as this results in a very large bend that will not serve as a head pin.  Work right against the pliers.

Step 3:

Hold the wire near the bent U end and place it in between the plier teeth.

Slowly close the plier, which should result in the "U" shape being closed shut.

Stop when the end of the wire touches the base of the wire (see photo).

Step 4:

Congratulations, you have made a head pin!

Now place your beads on, create a basic loop at the opposite, unbent end of the wire and clip off waste.

Notes:  Eventually as you gain practice, you can save wire waste by creating head pins by first putting the beads onto the wire, make the nub, do the basic loop on top of the beads and clip from the spool.

I save money by buying continuous wire in sterling silver and making my own head pins without waste this way.  The photos here are earring clusters I have made with my custom made head pins.

Sometimes pearls have very small holes, so I use a thinner gauge wire that will fit.

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