Introduction: Head Tutorial

You will be making this image.

Step 1: Place and Edit

Place your image and roughly cut the remaining background

Step 2: Place the Brain

Once you place the brain do the same thing as you just did with the head

Step 3: 1st Setting

Place a new setting over one part of the brain. Use the lasso tool and a layer mask to select the edge of the picture and use the brush tool to edge down only what you need for one corner of the brain.

Step 4: 2nd Setting

Follow same directions, but use a new setting.

Step 5: 3rd Setting

Follow same directions, but use a new setting.

Step 6: Opacity

Adjust the opacity to see the brain through the head. It should be at about 30%.

Step 7: Healing

Select the healing tool and take out any dark marks or blemishes on the skin.

Step 8: Black Eyes

Select the brush tool and zoom into the eye. Using black paint over any white part of the eye.

Step 9: Canvas

Find an image of a frame or canvas and paste it into photoshop. Adjust the layer so that it is under your head and setting layers.

Step 10: Autograph

Do the same for any autograph. Place this layer above the frame but below the head. Then use the lasso and brush tools to crop it so you don't see edges.

Step 11: Finish

Find any art gallery or place where art is shown off at. This could also be a home wall with picture frames etc. Place it under the frame you used in the last step.