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So we have a new house and our bedroom is kind of boring and we don't want to make to many marks in the walls yet, I saw someone that had used the Mosslanda picture shelf for making shelves for a headboard and had an idea of my headboard from that, my idea was that I could just press the bed against the head board and in that way I would not harm the wall at all.

So this is what I made.

Sorry for the English and please contact me if any questions or clarifications is needed.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

MDF board (1200 * 2000 mm)
2 LED light ( I used LEDBERG from IKEA)
2 Spotlights as reading light
2 Mosslanda from IKEA or similiar (1150 mm)
4 Mosslanda from IKEA or similar (550 mm)
Paint ( I used the same as for our walls)
2 Extension plugs (I used 3 headed since you want chargers and an alarm clock a.s.o.

Circular saw
Wooden glue

A pair of pincers

Step 2: Cut and Paint

Okey, first step is pretty simple, I bought a MDF board that was 1200 * 2440 mm which was a little to wide for our 1800 mm bed so I cut it with a circular saw at 2000 mm. Then it would be a little wider then our bed, which I think looks good.

I had paint left since we painted the walls so I used that, I wanted the headboard to kind of melt into the wall and using the same color works for that.

The two wider Mosslanda picture shelves is too wide together so I saw one of them so that the combined length is exactly 2000 mm. This will be to top shelf of the headboard.

Step 3: Mounting

I used wood glue and short screws and screwed from the back and made sure that the screws would not go through the MDF. The top shelf is up side down go make it a flat shelf.

The top shelf is the same width as the head board itself, the other, smaller shelves, are secured 50 mm in, then they won't be visible when mounted and all your stuff in the shelves will be fully hidden as well.

When the shelves are assembled, it's time for the LED strips. I put them right outside the inner shelves and leave a little room on the top (see picture)

Step 4: Bed Spotlights

I bought two of these LED spotlights (bought in ClasOhlson, Sweden). As you can see on the back, they will be mounted with the metal band on the back. I wanted to hide the electric cord so I took it out of the bottom, be sure to be careful when removing the little plastic brick in the bottom if your lamp looks like mine, so you don't scratch it. I marked where I wanted the spotlights on the head board on a piece of tape then I drilled two holes in the head board ( the tape helps from making ugly scratches in the board), where I wanted the lamps and then put the electric cord through from the backside. Mount the spotlights as in the manual and then your done!

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