Introduction: Headphone Toy!!!


 This is an utterly  useless toy, but it looks cool!!  :D

Step 1: Materials


Drill, with multiple bit sizes
Glue Gun
A die
Broken Headphones, or used ones, or even perfectly good condition ones.

Step 2:

 Get a proper drill bit, that is about the same size as the bottom of your headphone. It has to fit snug.

then all you really have to do is DRILLLLLLL, in the center.

Step 3:

Time for the headphone. 
Cut it at the bottom and VOILA!

With pliers, pull that wire out from the middle of the socket. It will make it fit better.

Cut it down to size if needed.

Step 4:

 GLUE TIME. Pretty easy step  :D

Put glue inside of the hole, just a drop. Quickly push the headphone in the hole!

Step 5:


Step 6:

 Doesn't it look AWSOME! 

.............totally useless....