Introduction: Headphone

Have you ever encountered a situation where your friend asked you to share your earphone so that you both can listen to music together but you hesitated in doing so due to the fact that it's unhygienic. Well, fear no more, this instructable will guide how to make a headphone using your earphones and also allows you to share your earphones without the risk of infection.

This instructable can be simply explained as a headphone case for your earphones.

Step 1: Tools Required

  1. Paper Cutter
  2. Glue
  3. Cellotape
  4. Scissors
  5. Ruler
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Masking tape
  8. Pencil
  9. Compass (the one which is used to draw circles)

Step 2: Materials Required

  1. Thin Cardboard
  2. Corrugated cardboard
  3. Earphones
  4. Craft wire
  5. Colored Papers
  6. Ear pads

Step 3: Creating the Support for the Ear Pads

Use the cardboard to create circles which are equal to the size of the earpads, these pieces should also have a circle cut out in the center which will allow sound to reach your ears.

Now, cut a strip of corrugated cardboard with a width of 0.5 cm and stick it along the boundary of the inner circle (alternatively, you can also cut a strip from a box of Pringles).

Create another pair of circles with similar dimensions but don't add the strip of corrugated cardboard to this layer.

Step 4: Creating the Holder for the Earphones

Insert the first cardboard disk into the earpads and stack the second disk on top of it and place the earphones in it (as shown in the image).

As you may have noticed, the earphones are sticking out which needs to be corrected, this can be done by making circular disks with cutouts for the earphones. The number of such disks which will be required will depend upon the thickness of the cardboard which you are using, use as many are required to level out the surface. But, if you are using more than one, make sure that all of them are identical (This is important if you want to remove your earphones).

Now, glue these circular disks together.

Step 5: Headband

Use the measuring tape to measure the distance between the ears (size of the head).

Use corrugated cardboard to create the headband using the dimensions of your head.

Now, use the craft wire to cover the headband and wrap the ends of the wire around the inner circle of the earpads. If you are using wire that is thin and easily reshapeable, it will be advisable to use some more wires in the headband so that it stays firmly while wearing the headphones (See images, masking tape may be used for temporary adhesion).

Step 6: Making the External Case

You will again need to cut a strip of corrugated cardboard which will wrap around the circular disks, the width of the strip will a bit larger than the thickness of the disks (important so as to make the locking mechanism work).

After cutting the strips, you will have to make another circular disk which will sit on top of the circular strip, the strip will be attached along the boundary of the circle and it won't be continuous, it will have a small area from where the wires will pass.

Step 7: Attaching the Earpads to the Headband

Place the wire ring in the earpads and glue the disks to the earpads(the disks which have the earphone cutout will point towards the outside).

Step 8: The Locking Mechanism

Make two holes around the top of the external case, these holes should be near the open end of the case (this is necessary so that it works, refer image).

You will again need to use the wire to make the locking mechanism, take a piece of wire and place it in between the disks and the earpads and give them the shape of the internal circle (refer image). Keeping the wire in place, put on the case and bring out the wires from the opening in the case and then put the wires in the holes made in the case.

Step 9: Decoration and Further Notes

Decorate your headphones by adding colored strips to the headband, doodle something on the external case, unleash your creativity.

You have made your own headphones.


  • You will have to give shape to the headphone each time you use it (if you are using thin wires in headband).
  • While putting it on, make sure that the earpads point upwards so that it rests firmly on your head.

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