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Okay So I Love Tourtiere Pie Which is a french Canadian meat Pie.  The original recipe is strictly pork, onion,  potato, spices in a Pie Crust..   You even keep the fat from the Pork because it adds amazing flavor.
and I tend to be a little bit of a Freak because I always add my twist to stuff and I wanted a more healthy version of my favorite meat pie!
In This Version. I used lean ground Beef and Lean Chicken, Carrots, spinach and himalayan salt which has more has a amazing amount of minerals. I also didn't Peel the potatoes and Carrots because alot of the healthy stuff is hidden in the peel. 
And I didn't change out the Pie crust because it really adds to the recipe. I used Whole wheat flour and added Flax for that healthy feel. 

Step 1: The Ingredients

So What you'll need!
1 LB Lean Ground Beef
1 LB Lean Ground Chicken or Turkey
1 Large Onion- Small Diced
1 Large Carrot- Small Diced
3 pieces Garlic- Minced
2 Large Potatoes- Baked then Diced.
3 Cups of Raw Spinach
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
1/4 Tsp Natural Himalayan Salt( or Normal table salt)
1/4 Tsp All Spice
1/4 Tsp Pumpkin spice( or a mix of cloves, ginger, cinammon)
1/2 Cup Water
Enough Dough for 2 pie-top and bottom..--- I made mine. and here is the Link about making

Step 2:

Use a Large Frying pan and Add your Meat and turn it onto Low medium Heat. Since as your beef cooks, it greases the pan itself.  
I personally add 1/4 of cold water in this step, it reduces the strong smell of Raw beef which kind of makes me Gag. 

Step 3:

Chop Your Vegetables as you wait for your meat to start to Brown. rememeber to break up your meat randomly or you'll end up with Huge chunks.
Add In the carrots, onions and garlic as soon as your done chopping. 

Step 4:

Add your Spices( Pumpkin Pie spice, all Spice, salt and pepper). 
When the meat is cooked through. Pour your meat into a fine mesh colander or strainer to drain out the fat.
Add the water, and Simmer for a half hour.  
During your waiting time. it's the best time to prep your Pie crust.!!!!

Step 5:

After the Half hour simmer time is up. Add your potatoes and Spinach. sautee until the spinach is wilted. 
Taste test time!,  I find it perfect as it is but now is the perfect time to adjust the seasoning to your taste. A friend of mine adds tomatoe paste at this time for a different taste but I try to stick to the traditional Tourtiere flavors.
Now let it cool.  

Step 6: Dough Time

Get your Dough out from where ever you were Hiding it. And take a chunk and Roll it out!. make sure you flour your counter alot to avoid Sticking

Step 7: Cut It Out!

When you have it rolled out. Fairly thin.  Cut it into a nice Square.  Then divide it up. You can cut it how ever you wish. I did mine in Rectangles because I wanted mine fairly large because The man enjoys his Food 

Step 8: Fill Em Up

Next Add the Filling! 
A Tablespoon is enough for small ones. Keep a the sides bare because you'll need space to Create a nice seam that will be either pinched or forked close.

Step 9: Closing Time.

Close that bad boy up. and Pinch or fork all edges that are open. 
Repeat til you run out of Dough. 
I made enough to Create Two Pies or a lot of mini Pies.   

Pop Them into the oven at 250 for 15 Minutes if they are in Mini Pie form if you plan to eat them soon.
Or keep them on trays and stick them in the freezer. or outside if  you are in Saskatchewan where it's -35 C today.! 
When Frozen move into containers or freezer safe ziplock bags.

Step 10: Time to Eat!

These are best served with a side salad or make great appetizers! 

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