Introduction: Healthy Tortilla Wrap Recipes

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Hello everyone.

In this Instructable I'd like to share a recipe with you, how to cater anyone with the meal.

I have 2 daughters with 14 and 6 Y.O. and there are always debates about what have to be cooked for lunch, because they have different food preferences. Concerning my husband, it's hard to feed him with healthy food. As for me, I can easily start and finish lunch with dessert. All of us are different and if you have the same situation, or you don't know, what you prefer to eat - try this recipes.

This recipes are simple and there are no strict limitation or guidelines how much and what kind of ingredients have to be used. Option that will be described below is verified, my family adore it. It's very tasty and substantial food.

There is only one stage when you'll need a scales and exact ingredients list, it's when we'll be cooking tortillas. As an option, you can buy tortillas in the nearest food shop.

So, let's start…

Step 1: Ingredients

• 360g of flour

• 20g of oil

• 1 tsp salt

• 1 tsp of dried ground garlic

* 200 ml of boiling water

Step 2: Make the Dough

Put the flour in the mixer's bowl.

Add oil, salt and garlic into the glass of boiling water, mix and pour in the mixer's bowl with flour.

Turn the mixer on the low speed and continue mixing up to 10-12 minutes.

When the dough will be ready, put it into plastic bag and let it chill for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Forming Tortillas

Take the dough after it chilled and split it to the 10 equal parts. Scatter the desk surface with the flour and roll the each part to the very thin sheet of dough, see photos for the reference. Once the dough is rolled, you can shape the tortillas to any desired shape, e.g. circle by using any available cutter. In role of cutter you can use a plate and cut all outside pieces with the knife. As for me, I'm not shaping tortillas, it makes them look as "real home made meal".

Step 4: Frying Tortillas

Preheat the frying pan with no oil or fat added and put the rolled dough on the pan and fry it on both sides.

Note: Frying process is very easy and quick. Once bulbs appears on the tortilla, it means that first side is done. fry for the about same time on the second side.

Step 5: Filling …

When you finish frying process, which doesn't take much time, you can choose and prepare the fillings.

Usually It happens in this way:

open the fridge

put out all that you can see in equal amount

and mix suitable products

This time I took:

• boiled quinoa seeds

• parsley

• cherry tomatoes

• rucola

• grated carrots

• squashed avocados

• lemon juice, salt and pepper up to your taste.

Put all ingredients together into the bowl and mix. That's it, our filling is ready for stuffing step.

Put average amount of filling into the tortilla, wrap it and enjoy the meal.

Step 6: Sweet Tortillas

If you choose this option, would be nice to exclude the garlic from the dough.

Process of making sweet tortillas is very similar to the described steps. There is only one difference it's fillings, you can use anything you want, e.g. chopped pineapples, coconut flakes and honey or chocolate paste with chopped bananas and m&m's.

Thank you for reading,

Be healthy

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