Introduction: Heart Coasters

About: My name is Holly I live in Michigan! I am a polymer clay addict. I play Clarinet and Ukulele! I love cats and dogs and animals in general! Happy Crafting!

Supplies- White polymer clay, roller, heart cookie cutter, letter stamps, pink paint, paintbrush, paper towel, oven, and clean workspace and hands.

Step 1: 1

First wash hands and clean your workspace. Take the heart cookie cutter, white clay and roller.

Step 2: 2

Roll the clay to fit the cookie cutter and cut, pull the remaining clay away and put aside

Step 3: 3

Take the letter stamps and stamp anything you'd like!

Step 4: 4

Now bake according to your clay's instructions!

Step 5: 5

Take the paint, paintbrush, and paper towel. Put some pink paint over the letters and let soak in then wipe the remaining paint.

Step 6: 6

Let dry and your finished! Hope this was simple! Happy crafting! If you have any questions PLEASE ASK!

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