Introduction: Heart Hologram

Here is a video of the Heart beating in motion:



Colored Pens


Old CD Cases

X-ACTO Knife

Graph Paper


Masking Tape

Smart Phone




Step 1: Make a Cutout

Use graph paper to make a trapezoid with a height of 5 cm, a base of 1 cm, and the other base of 6 cm. Cut out the trapezoid.

Step 2: Make Plastic Pieces

Tape the paper to the CD case, and use the ruler and the X-ACTO knife to cut out the plastic into the shape of the paper trapezoid. Do this 4 times.

Step 3: Tape the 4 Plastic Pieces

Tape the 4 pieces together at the edges.

Step 4: Draw a Heart

We used gel pens to add highlight to the heart. After you are done, scan it. The heart can be any size, you can adjust it in Photoshop.

Step 5: Background

Open the image in Photoshop, fill in the background black, and make a duplicate copy in a new layer that is slightly larger.

Step 6: Create a Gif

Create multiple layers for each frame. In this case it will just be the two frames: the smaller heart and the bigger heart. Go to Window at the top of the photoshop toolbar, then press timeline. A small frame should pop up. In that frame press "Create Frame Animation". Press the menu bar in the top right corner, then press "Make Frames From Layers". When you press play, the image should alternate between the big and small heart.

Step 7: Make an X

Using the rectangle tool, make a line. Copy and paste it, then turn it 90 degrees. Turn the whole cross 45 degrees to create an X. To rotate the line press Cmd + T, to free transform it, and put your curser in a corner, then rotate.

Step 8: Place Hearts

Copy and paste 4 heart gifs into the position above, then hide the X.

Step 9: Export

To export a gif, you must go to File in the upper toolbar, Export, then Save For Web (Legacy). Once a new frame has popped up, make sure it is set for:


Colors: 256

Looping Options: Forever

No other adjustments should be needed. Once these settings have been chosen, press Save, and make sure that the Format is set to Images Only.

Step 10: Finish

Air drop the final gif to your phone, place the pyramid on your phone, turn down the lights, put on some music, and watch the show!

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