Introduction: Heart O' My Heart - Red 'n White V-Day Cake

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Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. I have been fast at work making several homemade gifts for friends and family and displayed many of them here like the Cupid Cups for the kids, Quick Chewy Cuppa Cakesand my Valentine Cheese Cake for those really special people in my life.

I found myself with too much cake batter left over. Having also made a wedding cake for a friend last week I had about 3 pounds of Fondant left over and plenty of decorations, candy, icing and the like.

Not wanting to be wasteful I put my imagination to work and Wa-Lah now we have the Heart o' My Heart, Red 'n White V-Day Cake!

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Step 1: Prepare Batter

Prepare both Cake Mixes according to instructions.

Measure 2 c Red Velvet Cake Mix

Measure two 1 cup portions of White Cake Mix

In one of the White Cake Mix portions add food coloring to create a pink. I used the Neon Food Coloring Set and added 16 drops of Pink and 2 drops of Blue to come up with a Dusty Rose shade.

Step 2: Pour Batters

First pour in the two cups of Red Velvet Cake Mix, spoon the White Cake Mix over it. Dont worry about covering the entire area.

Last add the Pink batter and use the back of a spoon to gently spread it over the surface. Bake according to Cake Mix Directions.

Step 3: Prepare Fondant Covering

If you are using Fondant to cover your cake, you will need a 20 inch rolling pin with rings to make your fondant smooth have a uniform thickness all over.

Lay Fondant on a large cutting board.

Place measuring rings on the end of your rolling pin and start by working the Fondant from the center outward in both directions.

As Fondant thins out use a pizza cutter to trim away uneven ends while you create your 'sheet.'.

Note: The beauty of Fondant is that it provides a super smooth surface on your cake to work on and you don't get all sticky or mess up your icing.

Step 4: Cover Your Cake

When ready to place Fondant over your cake roll the Fondant onto the rolling pin part way,

Lift it gently so as not to stretch your Fondant and have someone slide your cake underneath onto the cutting board and gently drape the fondant back over your cake.

Note: It is preferable to spread a thin layer of butter cream frosting over the cake to help the Fondant stick to the cake, however the Fondant recipe I use has marshmallow in it and it shapes very well. Also the marshmallow gives your Fondant a pure white color.

Starting from the center outward smooth the Fondant over the edge of the cake and shape it to the cakes outer edge down to the cutting board.

Use a pizza cutter to trim away most of the excess Fondant to make it more workable and reduce weight as you lift and adjust. Leave about 1 inch excess until you have your entire cake covered.

When you reach the top of the heart make a straight cut to the inverted point for easier fitting.

Step 5: Prepare to Decorate

Once you are satisfied with the fit of your Fondant use the pizza cutter to trim away all excess.

Prepare a cake board by laying a Grease Proof Doily designed for food use and cut around the outside edges.

Center Fondant Covered Cake on Doily and Cake Board.

Step 6: Decorate Your Cake!

For this Cake I used a Gel Writing Food Pen to write 'Be Mine' (always start in the center and work your way outward).

I used a Red Icing Tube with a writing tip to create the flourishes then dabbed a small amount on Licorice Whips to hold them in place as the outline and put stripes down the sides.

Then I switched to a star tip and put small star shapes at the top and bottom of each licorice stripe to better secure it in place.

Finally I laid two foil wrapped chocolate cream hearts on top with a dab of icing to keep them secure.
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