Introduction: Kid Craft - Tea Pot Cozy and Placemat

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This is a fairly easy project to do that we did with kids ages 8 - 12.

Quilting the piece is optional and we found the girls had the most difficulty with marking the quilting guides and keeping them in line with each other.

The quilting part itself was accomplished by 10 and 12 year olds with pretty decent results. The younger girls opted not to do the quilting.

This project involves all straight and top stitching and the use of bias tape while working with layers which presented a bit of a challenge but all the girls were able to successfully finish their projects in a fair amount of time.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

Cut out Pattern Pieces (pattern below)
1/2 yard each of plain and patterned fabric and quilt batting
Bias Tape, purchased or made, roughly 2 yards
Straight pins
Marking Pencil
Rotary Mat

Step 2: To Make Bias Tape

If you are using premade bias tape skip this section and go to Step 3.

To make your own bias tape cut remaining scraps of plain fabric into long 2 inch strips.

With right sides together stitch ends together with a 1/4 inch seam.

Press seams open.

Fold length of bias tape in half and press.

Open the bias tape backup and fold the outer edges toward in the inside line.

Fold in half again and press all layers flat. You should have a 1/4 inch wide strip of bias tape.

Set aside.

Step 3: Mark Your Fabric for Quilting

If you have chosen not to quilt your project skip this section and go to Step 4.

To prepare your round placemat for marking quilt lines fold in half and then in half again to find the center of the circle.

Open the circle and align the folds to match the 'X' marking lines on the rotary mat. Line the ruler up across the fabric and match the lines on the rotary mat then draw a line across the fabric.

Move the fabric over by 1 inch indicated on the rotary mat and line up the next mark. Continue marking all the way across the fabric.

Turn the fabric and repeat, marking your lines in the opposite direction to create a grid pattern across the fabric.

For the Tea Pot Cozy, fold the fabric in half lengthwise and repeat the same method.

Finish out the Tea Pot Cozy and placemat following the same directions from here on out.

Step 4: Stack Your Layers

Layer your fabric for both sides in this order:

Plain fabric, right side up
Quilt Batting
Patterned Fabric, right side down

Step 5:

If you are not quilting skip this section and go to Step 6.

Starting on the center line your quilt markings lined up with the needle BASTE all the way across following the line. Cut the thread and leave long ends hanging.

Flip the layers over and check the back stitching, if it is not smooth pull the thread out and try again. It takes a little practice and patience to get the desired results.

Step 6: Apply Trim

If you are not using bias tape skip this step and go to An Alternative To Using BIas Tape in step 7.

Pin a section of bias tape across the bottom only of both pieces and stitch all layers together with your thread as close to the edge of the bias tape as you can get and still catch it in the stitching on both sides. (For the placemat pin all around the outer edge)

Pin the rest of the outer edge in place folding under the ends of the bias tape on both sides.

Cut a 4 1/2 - 5 inch piece of bias tape, fold over about 1/4 inch on each of the short ends.

When you reach the top center of the tea pot cozy tuck one end under on the front, fold the bias tape in half and tuck under the backside of the bias tape to make a loop and continue pinning the rest of the way around and tuck the other ends under.

Step 7: Sewing the Trim

Stitch all the way around the outer edge as close to the edge of the bias tape as possible, again catching it in the stitching on both sides.

Note: I have found that at this point the layers will become quite bulky and hard to work with, when you begin backstitching to lock your stitches in place start ahead of the corner and backstitch over it, grasp the hanging threads and use them to gently pull and guide your fabric into the forward stitch to easily move over this area.

An Alternative To Using Bias Tape:

Pin your pieces with right sides together and stitch on the 5/8ths line. Turn right side out, then topstitch all the way around. Fold over a 1/2 inch hemline twice and hem or blind stitch.

For the placemat you will need to leave an opening for turning, fold the open area inside and topstitch at the 1/4 inch line.

Step 8: Your Finished Project

Your Tea Pot Cozy and placemat are now ready for use.

Be sure to make several extra placemats. One to place under the tea pot and some for your guests.

Ring up the girls and invite them over for a fun session of gab and giggles and show off your new Tea Pot Cozy and placemats.

Note: These placemats are also handy for use as hot mats for the table.
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