Introduction: Heart Shaped Bookmarks

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“In the inky dark infinite cloudy sky, with the fire and endless sea, with the sound of music in my ears I bounced back from lack of sleep and my heart was bursting with something I couldn’t quite identify. I just needed to curl around a book and nothing else could ever compare.”

It's a cloudy day with bouts of rain and little hope for sunshine, do you find yourself confined in the great indoors? In that case grab a book that has a heart and a sinful cup of coffee to begin with. A couple of bookmarks wouldn't hurt to complement along if you cannot finish that fat book in one sitting!

by Jyotsna Shenoy


  • Thick craft paper(Preferably of two different colours)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker/Pen
  • Ruler


Take a sheet of paper and draw 2 rectangles of length:width ratio 2:1 with semicircles on top of the smaller sides of the polygon. Draw some straight lines along the length of the rectangle with equal width of any dimension to be cut out.

Step 2:

Fold the rectangle in half along the length to form a crease of width size and cut out small slits of any size in between taking care that the entire rectangular strip stays in one piece. Repeat this step for the other rectangle strip.

Step 3:

Place both of the strips mutually perpendicular to each other. The strip has multiple slits cut out at the end. Take a slit of one strip and pass it under and over the slit of the other strip in alternate cycles. Repeat the step till all the slits are covered.

Step 4: ​BOOKMARK 2:

Cut out a rectangular strip of length: width ratio 4:1.

Step 5: ​STEP A(Optional):

Fold the strip in half along the length to form a width size crease and cut out slits of any desired size. Take another paper of a different colour and cut out thinner rectangular strips of any length but preferably of very small width. Pass these thinner strips under and over the slits of the main rectangular strip in alternate cycles and repeat the steps till the entire area is covered. Insert glue wherever required to seal the ends in place.

Step 6:

Follow the first 5 sub steps of STEP 2 of DIY Paper Vase which is mainly paperfolding. After the sub step 5 fold the ends of the loose slits in a dog ear.