Introduction: Longclaw Replica

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"Winter has come and has paved way to an icebound demeanor, but the long wait has finally come to an end and the Season 7 Finale is something to watch out for; daunting enough to chill your bones!"

"Dragonglass has a gleam of its own, but dare not leave Long Claw behind! Jon Snow's weapon of choice, the Valyrian beauty matches it's strength with the 'frozen fire' with equal ferocity and lustre to bring down the presumably pretty badass bunch of White Walkers."
⚔ Strike them with the pointy end. ⚔



3)Plastic knife (can use a pencil or popsicle stick)

Step 1: Mix Equal Portions of the Black and White Mseal, Roll It Into a Ball.

Step 2: Look Up the Picture and Draw It on a Piece of Paper.

Step 3: Make Each Part Separately

Accordingly measure the amount of all the parts you need to make depending if you choose to use a plastic knife, a pencil or a popsicle stick.
The mseal should be divided into smaller portions to make the hilt

1. The grip

2. The bear head of longclaw

3 . The cross guard.

4. Two parts that form the quillon.

Mold these parts as best as you can to resemble your reference picture.

Step 4: Your Pieces Should Look Like This.

Step 5: Fix All the Parts Together

If the parts dry before hand then fix the parts together with glue.

Leave the piece to dry.

Step 6: Paint the Sword According to the Colour Scheme.

And there you have your very own Longclaw! ?
Fit for the King of the north...⚔