Introduction: Heart Shaped Photo Frame and Wall Decor

I am a nature lover and I try to follow the three Rs (Reduce, reuse and recycle) of the nature as much as possible. Collecting reusable or disposable things from home and trying to reuse is or make something out of it is my favorite past time.

So, here is how you can make a heart shaped photo frame and wall decor by using easily available items and reusable resources at home.






Acrylic colors


Basic stationeries


Woolen Yarn

Decorative items like artificial feathers and artificial Pearls

Paper clips

Step 1: The Frame

Take a piece of Cardboard of size approx 19 x 1 x 24 inches and draw the outline of a heart over it. This heart will be as big as the size of the frame you want. And then, leaving a gap of about 4-5cm draw the exact same heart inside the bigger one.

After that cut the entire heart from its outline using a paper cutter.


Now that you have the cut out of the frame, using acrylic colours simply paint the entire frame.

You can use any colour or any colour combination of your choice to paint it keeping in mind the colours which would compliment the colour of your room's wall.

Let it dry.

Step 3: Making the Flowers for Decoration

Take a news paper and draw 3 different sizes of circles. The circles here are of radius of 3.5cm, 4cm and 4.5cm respectively.

Cut the circles out of newspaper. To make six flowers, you will need 6 cutouts of each sizes in the shape of a circle.

Take one of the circles, fold it into half and fold over it again into half.

Draw the petals over it using pencil. Cut over the lines of petals. When you unfold it, you will have a base of flower with petals neatly cut.

(I made a mistake of not drawing the petals and directly cutting it into the shape and it turned out looking like a crab instead of a flower. So for a proper flower draw the petals first.)

Then, paint flower bases using acrylic colors and let it dry.

Now, take two petals each from opposite sides of a flower base and stick one on top of the other using glue. This will give the flower a realistic look.

Repeat the entire process with all the flower bases.

After that, put the bigger one at the bottom, then the medium one and then the smaller one overlapping on it. Stick them on one another with glue. In this way you will have six flowers ready.

You can then use decorative pearls or beads or buttons and paste it in the centre of the flowers.

Step 4: Decorating the Frame

Take the cardboard heart you made and decorate it with the paper flowers.

To further decorate it, cut out the yarn wool into few strings. Tie decorative feathers on one end of the strings and stick the other end to the back side of the frame. Stick all the strings on the same side of the heart with one above another keeping a little gap in between.

Step 5: The Photo Frame

Cut out two strings of yarn wool.

Take one of it and stick its ends to either sides of the heart passing through the centre.

Repeat the same with the other string keeping about 4cm gap in between the two strings.

Step 6: Your Wall Decor and Photo Frame Is Ready!

You can choose to either hang the frame without photos as a wall decor or hang pictures on the strings at the centre using paper clips or any other kinds of clips, turning it into a photo frame.

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