Introduction: Hearts by the Sea

This is cutout hearts made from cardboard. I painted them a turquoise because it's my favorite color and reminds me of the ocean. I added shells I collected from the beach and other household beads and stones. I did this design because I love the beach and the beautiful things you find on the beach. To do my instuctions that is not the first version it is an example just for how to do it.


Paint (blue and yellow) sissors, beads, shells, glue, cardboard

Step 1: Make the Base Heart

So you want to measure out one side of the heart (or both) to make it as even as you can. Make sure when you do the sketch you have a fat border so you can fit shells on. Fold your cardboard in half if your only measured out one side and cut it along the outline.

Step 2: Create Smaller Hearts

To do this is very simple, you measure how fat you want the border to be, then draw an out line on the heart you just cut out. Fold your big heart in half cut along the line and repeat until you have as many hearts as you desire

Step 3: Painting

So once you have your hearts cut out you want to paint them. Make sure you lay something down before you do this step, paint can stain! So to make a turquoise color you want to mix a blob of blue a little yellow and some white. To make it sparkle you could use straight up glitter while the paint is still wet or to make sure the glitter doesn't go everywhere you could use glitter glue and spread it around. I added my pearls while the paint was still wet so they could be secure

Step 4: Decorating

Wait for paint to dry befor starting to decorate this important especially if your using white shells so you don't turn them a different color. So if you don't have shells and beads at home you can buy them at almost any craft store or on Amazon. Arrange them the way you would like and glue them on with either elders glue or the glitter glue you could've used.

Step 5: Assembly

Once you glued all your arrangements on its time to glue the hearts together. This can be done with pretty much any kind of glue. Make sure all your hearts are laying flat to if you hang it up they are not just partially stuck together and fall apart. Let it dry

Step 6: Hang Up or Add Pictures in Your Hearts

So you can add your own twist to it by adding pictures of maybe family or friends in the middle of the Hearts or adding a picture frame hook to the bak to hang it up! And voila, you have hearts by the sea

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