Introduction: Heatable Hand Muffler

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I've always wanted a muffler, and saw the Warm Rice Bag 'ible by Hello Kitty. Instantly my wheels started turning and this is what I've come up with. Not only can you warm it up, but you can keep it cool in the summer!  Warm away aches and pains, chill a strain or sprain, But do not use in the RAIN. Attractive and useful with a pocket for your cell phone, mp3 player, keys, or buss fare! LOL, no digging with cold hands folks! I've been using mine as lumbar support while riding the buss as well. :) Read, Build, and Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need material, I've read cotton is the best, some say it doesn't matter, I used a Cotton Polyester blend, table linen, stained up but soft and durable.
Rice (or feed-corn, barley, anything that you can heat up for warmth, dried beans stay warm longer
An old sweater (that sweater Aunt SoSew ;) you got on christmas, may be pretty, looks crazy on you)
Ruler, needle and thread, scissors, a pen/pencil, and a button.
Careful choosing a button, Thee right button is the Bees Knees, the simplest thing can just throw it all off.

Step 2: Cut

Cut two squares of material
     16" x 14"  for small hands
     18" x 16"  for medium hands
     20" x 18"  for large hands

Step 3: Sew

Start sewing down the short edge, over, and back up, in the shape of a U, about an inch and three-quarters wide.
Sew again across the bottom, and up to the top, forming another U.
Refer to the pics, what you want is rows to fill with rice.
I gathered these rows to allow a little moveability, and the rows keep the filler
spread out evenly within the muffler.

Step 4: Fill

Fill with about a half a cup of rice, or other microwavable filler.
Any funnel will do :)
Be sure to sew up what you've just filled. ;) I forgot the first one and had rice alllll over !!
Fill each one and sew up.

Step 5: Sew

 Sew the ends of the muffler together, like a tunnel, with ...rings not lines, this will stop drafts
This part is microwavable, NO LONGER THAN TWO (repeat   2) MINUTES
as burning may occur!!! (doesn't smell too nice either...LOL)

Step 6: Working the Sleeve

Start by measuring the sleeves, lay the muffler on the sleeve up to the cuff...:)see pic...
Cut about an inch from the edge of the muffler, do this for both sleeves.
Mark the seamed edge if necessary - you want the sleeve to fit snug.
Hem along the marked edge and around the end-leaving the end open.

Step 7: Sew

This is where I confused myself, so I took some good pictures and added details.
To sew the sleeves together, leaving a cuff on each end, you want one sleeve inside out, and the other right side out, or outside right.
Tuck in the inside out cuff, then stretch the cuff to match the other sleeve's cut end, and whip stitch together.
Now fold over the inside out edge.

Step 8: Sew

Whipstitch the other cuff, stretching to match evenly.
Put the heatable muffler in the sleeve and tuck in the cuffs.

Step 9: All Done (but Wait...)

I always fool and fuss with finding my keys, buss fare......
Thought a pocket on this thing would be the icing on the cake.
So take the rest of the sweater and cut a block off the bottom.
My sweater had a 'cuffy'' part around the bottom, so I used this as the ??? idk...
I stitched around the cut edges to keep if from fraying apart.
Sew on the button, (I like the retro look of this button) use a pen/pencil to stretch the knitting apart, and sew around the buttonhole you've just made.
Finally !!!
A Heatable Hand Muffler

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