Introduction: Heavy Duty Sisal Cat Scratcher

For some reason my cats never would use the sisal on the cat tower I made them. One day, I saw them on top of a log scratching away and it gave me an idea. Maybe they would scratch something they could stand on, instead of a pole.

My cat's are pretty big so the scratchers they sell at the pet store are usually too small for them. They also are made out of flimsy materials that the don't feel very confident standing on.


Here is an easy way to create a cat scratcher your cats will love with a few pieces of wood and some sisal rope.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

3/8" Sisal Rope (100 ft)

Plywood (11x18x1/2" & 3x11x1/2")

1/2" Screws (4)

3/4" Screws (2)

Glue (Hot or Super)



Phillips Bit

Drill Bit (smaller than screw diameter)

Step 2: Pilot Hole

  • Line up your boards
  • Drill a hole through the top board into the side of the bottom board. This is a "pilot hole" for your screw. This helps guide your screw and prevents it from cracking the board.


Note: It is easier to do both pilot hole and screw on one side before you switch to the other side.

Step 3: Screw

  • Screw the 3/4" screw through in the pilot hole.
  • Flip it the the other side and line up the edges.
  • Drill "pilot hole".
  • Screw 3/4" screw in pilot hole.


You now have your platform!

Step 4: Start Rope

  • Flip scratcher upside down so the top is laying flat on it's back.
  • In the bottom corner, drill pilot hole halfway into board.
  • Grab sisal rope and set over hole
  • Drill 1/2 screw through rope into hole.


You are now ready to wrap!

Step 5: Glue Corner

  • Bring your rope across the bottom of the board
  • Glue rope at corner to prevent it from unraveling.

Step 6: Wrap

  • Start wrapping your scratcher!

Keep the rope tight and make sure you are keeping a straight line.


Note: You can glue every so often to make sure your rope stays in place.

Step 7: Secure End

When you are done wrapping the board completely with rope:

Drill pilot hole in corner

Grab 1/2" screw

Screw through end of sisal into hole


Your can finally let go of that rope!

Step 8: Show Your Cats

You now have a heavy duty cat scratcher!

How cute!


Note: If your cats aren't attracted to it right away, try rubbing catnip into the sisal and they should come running.

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